1970 Jersey Shore PA

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Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1970
-Odometer: Not Listed
-Engine: See Below
-Condition: Project

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
-Asking Price: $2,500
-Contact: Email Seller

Original Content From Ad: Selling my 1970 Datsun 240Z. Needs alot of work and would make a good track car or parts car. The engine and trans were rebuilt but I have no proof of that. It sat for long time before I bought it. I got the engine to run and it purrrrs like a kitten! I have a video on yourtube to prove it. The original title holder pasted away. I called Harrisburg and they told me I have to fill out a MC380 paper and proof the guy has passed away. or you could get a salvage title for it. There is a good 5 different ways to get the title for it. I just have no time to be messing with it at this point of time. I have to many other projects!

Condition of car:
floors are really bad but they make replacement floors for it.
It has a large amount of surface rust on the hood and some spotting on the door.
The engine does run and runs like a champ. The original owner rebuilt the engine and trans. Almost looks like the paint is still fresh. He passed away right after he finished the car.
It does have aftermarket rear fender flares and ground effects.

Over all the parts of this car is worth well more then my asking price! I think this would make a perfect track day car. Or you can do all the paperwork needed and get a title for it.

Sale or trade. I am open to about anything.

Update: I forgot to add price. I am asking $2500 for it. And the production number is in the 5000’s. I also found easier ways to get the title for it and makes me second guess selling it.

Would like a boat for the family. Not looking for a project. Not looking for a fishing boat. It all depends on the boat and the condition its in.



1970 Jersey Shore PA


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  1. Do you still have the 240Z for sale? Just decided to start looking for one and I realize your original post is from June but thought it was worth at least asking. Thanks.

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