1970 Mendocino County CA

No Longer Available

Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1970
-Odometer: Not Listed
-Engine: Not Listed
-Condition: Good

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Mendocino County,California
-Asking Price: $10K
-Contact:  No Longer Available

Original Content From Ad:

I’ve got a complete 1970 240Z and two 1974 early 260Z’s and one late 260Z and the rolling shell of a 1975 early 280Z along with a cargo container of parts. The grey 260 is has a small block chevy V8 in it, but it needs a transmission and drive line.

In the cargo container I’ve got 4 complete 280Z engines, about 4 sets of heads, R200 differentials, front crossmembers and shock towers, 4 hoods, 6 or so complete doors, rear hatch backs, complete wiring harnesses, complete dash boards, multiple seats, fenders, tail lights, interior trim & plastic, 240Z carbs & intake manifolds, and a box full of the electronic brains for 260 & 280’s. I labeled the parts with the month and year of car that they came off of. I’ve lost interest in all but my original 260Z and I want to sell the whole collection. Buy it all for $10,000 and I can help you load it and possibly even help haul the cars (within reasonable distance from Mendocino).

I’ve got clean titles on the 240 and two of the early 260’s. Everything else is out of the DMV system and I don’t have any paperwork on them.



1970 Mendocino County CA


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