1971 Cincinnati Ohio

No Longer Available

Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 197
-Odometer: Not Listed
-Engine: L24
-Condition: Good

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
-Asking Price: $12,500
-Contact: No Longer Available

Original Content From Ad:

I’m selling a very clean, nearly original 1971 240Z.

L24 engine, 5spd 280zx transmission. Fresh tune up, new wheels and tires. Car was restored a few years ago and the bottom, engine bay and 99% of car are rust free. The rear fenders have some slight rust bubbling under the paint. This car runs great and handles great. Original style suspension with struts and Sport tuning JDM spring from 70s freshly installed.

Always garage kept and under a cover. No trades and serious buyers only. This car will continue to go up in value and this is a beautiful example of what it should be.



1971 Cincinnati OH

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  1. looking for Datsun Z. Is this 240Z still available? I am living in Texas and serious buyer (actually 240Z fan). If needed, I will call you to make sure the status.


  2. Hello Tadashi,

    Please contact with the seller directly with the above contact number if you are interested to this 240z Car, as some seller may not monitor the post/comment here.


  3. if paint is bubbling, its pretty serious rust,

    it doesn’t bubble with minor service rust, I would be cautious and ask for detailed photos

    it also means the body wasnt sealed correctly and could have underling problems under the paint you cant see

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