1972 Mount Airy MD

Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1972
-Odometer: 95K
-Engine: 6 cylinders
-Condition: Excellent

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Mount Airy, Maryland
-Asking Price: $22500
-Contact:  Mark @  301-655-9247

Original Content From Ad: This 72 Datsun 240z has gone through a pretty thorough and extensive rehab. The previous owner purchased the car from the original owner, who had stored the car for nearly 25 years in a climate controlled storage facility. After he purchased the car, he had all of the work listed below, done by Tidewater Z in Chesapeake, Virginia.
I have the receipt for all of the work ($7K parts and labor).

Repairs made by Tidewater Z for previous owner.

Replaced both ball joints and tie rod assemblies, replaced ALL bushings.
Extensive brake work including the replacement of master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, rotors, brake hoses, pads and shoes.
Replaced brake booster.
Replaced clutch master and slave cylinders and associated hoses.
Installed a custom-made, aluminum, racing radiator and associated hoses.
Replaced water pump and thermostat.
Rebuilt both SU carburetors, replaced fuel lines. Gas tank was removed, resealed and replaced.
Replaced fuel pump.
Replaced fuel tank/fuel level sending unit.
Replaced battery.
Overhauled ignition system including distributor cap, rotor, replacing points with electronic ignition, ignition coil, spark plugs and plug wires.
Replaced all light bulbs.
Installed new battery.
Replaced stock muffler with a high-performance ANSA muffler.
Installed a Stereo/CD player (I upgraded to an even better unit).
Replaced both horn units.
Added a fiberglass air dam and spoiler as well as fender flares at all four corners.
Replaced both front and rear bumpers.
Reupholstered both seats.

Repairs/Upgrades after I purchased the vehicle:
Replaced L24 engine with a fully rebuilt L28, bored over .040, N47 Block.
Block was fitted with a remanufactured E88 high compression head with a mild racing cam. Added black anodized valve cover.
Engine was purchased from Datsun Parts, LLC
Oil pan was removed, soda blasted, painted and reinstalled along with new gasket.
Replaced main seal.
Replaced oil pump and oil pressure sending unit.
Installed new motor mounts (2).
$5650 for all above work. . .Parts and Labor
Replaced stock differential with an R180, 4.11 gear-ratio open diff. out of a Nissan 240SX ($325)
Converted the differential to a limited slip by installing a Phantom Grip locker. ($345) (There is additional $400 invested in machining diff during install)
Replaced all 6 u-joints with competition grade units.($160)
$1230 Parts and Labor
Replaced the stock transmission with a completely rebuilt, close ratio, 280ZX 5 speed transmission from Datsun Parts, LLC.($475)
Refitted trans. with a RED speedo gear ($25)keeps the speedometer accurate with 4.11 rear
Replaced the speedometer cable. ($60)
Replaced stock clutch with a stage 2 racing clutch ($305)
Replaced original 24 lb. steel flywheel with a 10.5 lb lightweight aluminum flywheel.($365)
$1335 Parts and Labor
Installed ride-height adjustable, D2 racing coil-over shocks ($1350)
Car was lowered about 1.75 inches and balanced on scales.
Installed front end camber kit.($120)
Installed Bump-steer kit returning front end geometry back to original after lowering car.($80)
Installed front and rear shock tower bars.($225)
Installed custom-made, fully adjustable, rear lower control-arms (A arms) made by Techno Tuning.($495)
Although brakes remain stock (all components having been rebuilt, including a new brake booster), all rubber brake lines were replaced with braided steel at all 4 corners.($80)
ST Performance anti-sway bars were installed (1″ in front and ¾” in rear) ($340)
ALL bushings were replaced with urethane, including the steering shaft coupler as well and the steering rack mount bushings.($145)
Installed 16X8 XXR 8 spoke rims matched with BF Goodrich, high performance 225/50/16 tires.($1010)
$4680 Parts and Labor

Replaced the rear valance (body panel below rear bumper appeared to have scraped a curb).
The only rust found on the vehicle were two small quarter sized areas of blistered paint spots (not perforated) on the insides of the front shock towers. Both areas of surface rust and surrounding metal were completely cut out with new metal welded in-place and repainted. One spot of blistered paint (surface rust, not perforated)on passenger side rocker panel near dog leg and one on the driver side with an additional pea sized area of blistered paint just aft of the wheel well of the front fender. Again, surface rust.
In all cases, the area of surface rust and surrounding metal cut out with new metal welded into place, surface properly prepared for repaint and primed. The only area where there was rust that perforated was an area on the driver’s side floor about the size of a pea. Because of it being perforated, rather than worry about future rust issues, instead of removing the area of rust and surrounding metal, the entire floor of the car was removed and replaced with a heavier gauge metal floor pan kit. In addition to the new floor pans, heavy gauge, frame rail replacements, plus frame/rail brackets that attach the new frame rails to the sub-frame of the front and rear were installed. )All of these components were manufactured by Bad Dog Parts. This system connects the sub-frame of the front end to that of the rear sub-frame for the first time in the cars life and makes the car much more rigid than new and stock. Overkill in all instances, but I didn’t want to chase after rust and this upgrade considerably improves handling of the car. Once completed, the remaining undercarriage was wire-brushed, then undercoated with genuine “Lizardskin” insulating protective coating.

All of the glass was removed from the car, the hood, rear hatch and doors were removed as were the spoiler, air dam, fender flairs and bumpers, front and rear. The bumpers, spoiler, air dam and fender flairs were painted black. The car was sanded and painted with Datsun 115 metallic olive green paint. The car was reassembled and all rubber associated with the glass, doors, hood and hatch was replaced with new.
Replaced driver side door mirror with OEM Nissan part.
Replaced all emblems and badges with OEM Nissan parts.
$4800 Parts and Labor

Cooling system
Custom made aluminum 2 core, racing radiator (by previous owner).
Comes with two thermostats. . .165 degree and 190 degree.($70)
Replaced all hoses/clamps associated with engine cooling system, including hoses to and from heater core.($55)
Replaced heater control valve.($35)
$200 Parts and Labor
Fuel and exhaust
Added a custom made cold-air intake system including K/N filter that sits in front of the radiator. The original air box cover was replaced with a black, custom-made fiberglass air box cover with a “Z” logo. This air box cover fits with the original portion that contains the velocity stacks that attach to the carbs. . ..a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing piece of engineering.($375)
Replaced the manual choke cables from the carbs back as well as the control unit, lever.
($120)eplaced entire stock exhaust system with a 6-2-1 ceramic coated, stainless header($325) that leads to a custom made 2.5″ pipe, to a free flow resonator with 2.25″ pipe($215) running to the ANSA twin tip, over and under muffler.(no longer available).
The rest of the fuel delivery system was replaced or rebuilt from the carbs back to the fuel tank by the previous owner(I just replaced the filler neck hose with the OEM part($95) to keep fuel from leaking when making spirited left hand turns…a very common problem in early Z’s that has now been rectified.)
$1530 Parts and Labor
Electric and charging
Battery was replaced.($90)
Alternator and voltage regulator were replaced.($135)
Starter was replaced.($125)
All lights operating as they should as well as rear window defogger.
$500 Parts and Labor
Added ipod/iphone, Pandora, I Heart Radio compatible, CD AM/FM head unit with Bluetooth telephony, made by Kenwood.($220)
Replaced the antenna wire and antenna with a black unit to match the fender flares and other black exterior components.($45)
Added driver and passenger side PVC kick panels($125) with Sony flush mount speakers.($55)
Installed a carpet-covered, rear panel, speaker box housing($120) 2 Kenwood 6 X 9, flush mount speakers.($225)
Sound-proofed floors and rear compartment with a combination of Dynamat and Spray Dead vibration dampening sound deadener.($225)
Replaced ALL interior carpeting($500)
A custom made roll bar was fabricated and welded in for safety and frame stiffening.($900) It was made to be very tight fitting and inconspicuous from the outside of the car(as much as possible). A driver side, FIA compliant 4 point harness($85) was added, and while not in use, sits behind the driver’s seat. The original 3 point seat belt/shoulder harnesses are intact and operable on both driver and passenger sides.
The seats were reupholstered by the previous owner and have no rips or tears.
The dashboard has no cracks.
Interior panels in cargo area were replaced with OEM parts.($180) Door panels in excellent condition.
$2980 Parts and Labor

All interior features function as they should, glove box interior light, map light, overhead light, heater and vent controls, heater fan switch and blower, wipers, ALL gauges including the clock(keeps reasonably accurate time only losing a minute or two every few days ).

This is as rust-free as any 240Z you will find, especially on the east coast. There has been nearly $40K invested in the restoration of this exceptional example of a classic 240Z. I paid $9500 for this virtually rust free car that had a substantial headstart toward it’s restoration by the previous owner ($6200 in repairs by Tidewater Z). From there I spent an additional, documented $22905 in improvements and upgrades (Yes, I have ALL receipts for parts and labor on this build). Although this might not be a stock, concourse car, it is one of the best looking 240Z’s you will find anywhere and from a performance perspective, it is virtually a street-legal, road racing car. There could be some big horsepower, or tuner cars that might pull away from you at a stop light, but having a full-racing suspension in this 2300lb car, makes most of those street rides only get smaller the rearview mirror when driving on the twisty turneys. Most fun driving machine I’ve ever owned. You cannot drive this car anywhere without people stopping you to ask about and/or take photos of it.
Only reason I’m considering selling it is to buy another clean Z or Datsun roadster for a new project AND to buy a dedicated track car to get my SCCA racing license. Price is firm, with perhaps a little movement with a cash offer. I have spent nearly $31,000 getting this classic, 1st generation Z to where it is now and the previous owner spent over $6K, not including what he paid for it. You can surely find a pretty nice, old Z cheaper than this one, but you won’t find one ANYTHING like this one, especially at this price. Only 95K miles on the chassis, but quite frankly, that is of no consequence in this case because virtually every system is near new!!! $22,500



1972 Mount Airy MD

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