1970 Atkinson NH

March 26, 2015 240zAds 0

Key Car Facts -Model Year: 1970 -Odometer: 120K -Engine: Electric Conversion -Condition: Excellent Ad Information -Source: eBay -Location:  Atkinson, New Hampshire -Starting Price: $4K -Contact:  See eBay Post Original Content From Ad: Datsun 240z with electric motor – 16 batteries are drained and […]

1972 Chester NH

January 25, 2015 240zAds 2

Key Car Facts -Model Year: 1972 -Odometer: Rollers and Parts -Engine: Rollers and Parts -Condition: Good Ad Information -Source: Craigslist -Location: Chester, New Hampshire -Asking Price: $3K -Contact:  Email Seller Original Content From Ad: 1972 Datsun 240z – minus engine +extras Pro’s: […]

1973 Derry New Hampshire

June 29, 2014 240Z For Sale 0

***Please note this ad is a repost Key Car Facts -Model Year: 1973 -Odometer: 42,000 -Engine: Not Specified -Condition: Project Ad Information -Source: Craigslist -Location: Derry, New Hampshire -Asking Price: $5,000 -Contact: 603 236 9610 […]