240ZForSale.com is dedicated to aggregating and displaying Datsun 240Z (1970 – 1973) car ads from across the United States & Canada (English Speaking North America).


Website Mission & Purpose

As the Nissan Datsun 240Z continues to be a highly popular car on the used market, the goal of this website is to present every Datsun 240Z For Sale in North America, specifically the United States and Canada.

We provide resources for both buyers and sellers as outlined below. Read on to learn more about this site and the Datsun 240Z or jump directly into the classified ads by using the navigation above, below and to the right.

Datsun 240Z For Sale LogoBuyers: While there are a few high quality sites online focused on finding late model Datsun cars, and using Craigslist is great for local search; there was not one place dedicated to the 240Z.

240ZForSale.com is designed to be the ultimate source for enthusiasts looking to buy a used 240Z regardless of condition.  Rather you are looking for a mint condition showroom 240Z, a barn find or a parts car; we display all relevant ads on this site.

You can use the navigation in the header to sort by model year, parts for sale and segment by popular locations  To see all states/provinces and cities use the navigation to the right (bottom of page for mobile users).

Feel free to Contact Us with any general questions or if you need help navigating this site.

Sellers:  For those who wish to sell a Datsun 240Z, OEM salvage parts or new aftermarket accessories; this website is also here to serve you. We provide this service free of charge.  We recommend that you post your ad directly with us and also to our local Craigslist classifieds.  You can also start an auction on eBay if you want to go that route.  Although we scrub through Craigslist and eBay weekly to aggregate ads to our site, we also recommend you post directly to us for the following reasons.

  • Guarantee you car has featured listing on our home page
  • Get direct access to Z-Car specific buyers
  • Expedite the post process (usually 12-24 hours)

The major benefit of using our site is that you will received direct access to buyers looking specifically for 1970, 1971, 1972 or 1973 Datsun 240Z. It is also a great way to get exposure to buyers outside of your local area on Craigslist without paying the fees of eBay, AutoTrader Classics or other national paid directories.  Use our Ad Submission page to list your 240Z for sale.


Website Disclaimers:

  • 240ZForSale.com is not directly involved in the sale of any car or part listed on this site.  We simply display the information here to facilitate buyers and sellers meeting for the transaction.
  • We commonly repost ads from outside sources and provide the best information possible, however from time to time important information such as Contact info is not correct or no longer valid.  Keep this in mind before commenting or contacting us if you have trouble reaching a seller.
  • We post the best information to reach the seller including phone number for all to see.  This is done for ease of use for our visitors.  However if you are a seller and would like your personal contact info removed just Send us a Message and we will remove it right away.
  • 240ZForSale.com is not affiliated with Nissan, Craigslist, eBay or another other brand/company listed on this site.  Information is simply displayed here for educational purposes, in conjunction with the Fair Use Clause of US Copyright Law.